Our History

From farmers to linen craftsmen, four generations.

John Sloan Larmor Farmer to Linen Craftsmen
John Sloan Larmor

John Sloan’s father was a farmer who had five sons – they could not all be farmers. An event one day changed the families’ path of history – a fox hunt. As in most hunts, and this hunt was no exception, farm land , fences, and crops were par for the course and consequently damaged in the process. John Sloan’s father took exception to this folly and caught the Master of the hunt’s horse and dismounted him. There must have been a bit of a tussle in that field. The next day in a conciliatory gesture the Master of the hunt returned to apologize for the damage caused by this recklessness, and as was the custom he brought with him a pup as a present. They got to talking and must have become somewhat friendly since the guest noted the reality of how this farm would not be able to sustain the many sons he had. On parting the Master presented John Sloan’s father with a further gesture of friendship by offering a position for one of his sons to study in the school for weavers. John Sloan was the one to take up this offer and from there on he worked hard to develop a very successful weaving business.