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Quality Linen Fabric

Find out why quality linen fabric from Ulster Linen is the MOST luxurious Linen available today.

We break down the key factors to set Ulster Linen apart from the rest.

What Makes Quality Linen Fabric?

1)    The Flax

Belgium and France
Quality linen fabric – France and Belgium

The quality of linen fabric is first determined by the quality of the flax used.

Top rated flax is produced by ideal conditions such as suitable soil, the correct climate and the under the expertise of experienced flax growers. All our flax is grown in France or Belgium. These locations are considered to be the best flax source in the world.

2)    The Yarns

The yarn chosen is the next influencing factor is the quality. France’s yarn standards are very high and this is where most of Ulster Linen’s yarns are sourced. The spinner carefully examined and assessed the flax for strength, uniformity, color and other qualities that may affect its performance when processed. A good yarn produces a product that is less linty and will also be much more durable.

3)    The Weaving

A consistent quality of weaving.  Our weavers follow high standard and practices that create consistency. They use modern looms that can address varying factors in a natural yarn – weaving to the proper count to achieve the correct weight and characteristics.

4)    The Finishing

Proper finishing to bring out the quality of the cloth. Ulster Linen insists on finishing that achieves the look our customers desire. Because of this, Ulster Linen’s finished linen is renowned for its for stability and durability, and why it is used in very high-end fashion products.

Why Choose Ulster Linen Above “the other guys”?

Natural Linen Fabric
Natural Linen Fabric

There is always a way to make a product faster and cheaper. But for Ulster Linen we believe this just hides the cost to the consumer. In many cases, and especially with linen, some short cuts taken in the process can destroy the essential quality of linen. That’s why at Ulster Linen we continue to do things the right way, the better way. We choose quality from soil to loom to ensure that our product withstands the test of time. To produce linen done right, it may take a little more time. We want all that we produce to be the best it can be.

Ulster’s quality linen fabric is stocked in the US. This means that we have brought in the best product to be within your arms reach for whenever you are in need. No need to wrestle with big shipping costs and deal with customs, we have sorted that all out for you.

What does this mean from a manufacturing perspective?

It is important to have high quality linen for a few reasons: A less linty fabric means less problems – for example, a “linty” linen for printers often means clogged printer heads. For fabric workrooms, it means amassing a huge amount of lint in their sewing equipment, as well as in the surrounding air.  Many printers and workrooms request Ulster Linen fabric because they know they will be working with good linen that will ensure smooth, problem free project completion.  They also request it because they know they will get a product that will hold up to whatever handling and manipulation they need to put it through to get their desired design output.

What does this mean from a consumer perspective?

Most importantly is what high quality means from a consumer’s perspective. Using a quality linen means a beautiful finished product that will have a long lifespan. Investing in a product that will maintain its intended use is not only economically wise, but environmentally conscientious. This also means, rather than disposing, you can pass down the cherished products made from Ulster Linen.  High quality linen products will also perform better: for example, high quality linen draperies and sheets means less lint in the air so homes will have less dust (and who doesn’t want to do less dusting!). It means towels made for drying will leave stem ware shiny and clear, without leaving behind streaks and lint. High quality linen can also be washed time and time again, each time getting softer.

Linen Towel
Linen Towel

Ulster Linen’s consistent high quality is the reason is it asked for by name time and time again. Whether you are a manufacturer, crafter, historic reproduction company, designer or consumer, Ulster Linen fabrics is the best choice for your project’s needs.

Do you have more questions about quality linen and how to tell the difference? We are here to answer your questions. We would love to get you a sample so you can see the difference for yourself! Being a 4th generation business, Ulster Linen has immense linen knowledge and history. That knowledge has been passed down through the years.  It is because of this reason that we are the US top provider for quality linen. We specialize in a truly superior product.

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The Exceptional Story of How Ulster Linen Came to Be the Premier Source for European Linen

A farmer, a fox and an unlikely friendship made the perfect recipe for business success. 

A landmark business begins

Scrim Linen
Scrim Linen

The exceptional story of how Ulster Linen began…

John Sloan’s father was a farmer in Ireland who had five sons. And on that farm one day an event changed the families’ path of history – a fox hunt.

As in most hunts, and this hunt was no exception, farm land, fences, and crops were par for the course and consequently damaged in the process.

John Sloan’s father took exception to this folly and caught the Master of the hunt’s horse and dismounted him. Because of this action one would think there must have been a bit of a tussle. Consequently, the next day in a conciliatory gesture, the Master of the hunt returned to apologize for the damage caused by this folly, and as was the custom he presented a pup as a gift. So they talked and must have become somewhat friendly. As a result, the Master presented John Sloan’s father with a further gesture of friendship- recognizing that the farm could not sustain enough work for all the sons, the Master offered a position for one of the five sons to study in the school for European linen weavers. John Sloan was the one to take up this offer and from there on he worked hard to develop a successful weaving business.

Ulster Linen’s Roots

Ulster Linen’s roots go back to an Irish mill called The Ulster Weaving Co., Ltd. And it was here, John Sloan Larmor started the Irish Mill over 150 years ago as a small weaving division of the Ulster Spinning Co., Ltd.

William Hogg Larmor was the youngest son of John Sloan Larmor. And because of his youth he came to the United States and started the present New York company in 1933 focusing on European linen fabric and finished products. Ulster Linen continues to carry the finest linen products and fabric, and specializes in all weights and widths of linen- including 120” wide width linen.

The William Hogg Official Seal

Official Seal of the Trustees of the board of linen and Hemp Mfrs. of Ireland 18th Century
Official Seal of the Trustees of the board of linen and Hemp Mfrs. of Ireland 18th Century

 William Hogg was a venerable person in the linen business in the 18th century. Because of his rank William’s duties were to check the quality of all brown (what is referred to today as natural) linen and make sure it met with his high standards. Once he confirmed a linen as top quality, it was entitled to bear the official William Hogg seal of quality.  An interesting side note, William Hogg was the inspiration for the name of John Sloan’s youngest son, William Hogg Larmor.

Product so pure you can feel the difference

Ulster Linen maintains that level of quality today.  Because of Ulster Linen’s quality, their products have become the standard interior designers and fashion designers require. This is especially true when designers require a specific type of linen for their projects. Ulster Linen’s superb European linen can transform into luxurious draperies or the latest fashions on the runway at Fashion Week.

Ulster Linen fabric has many other important uses as well. American Artistry has it woven into it’s seams, as the canvas of many famous paintings, and you will even find it on the interior of some violins.

From Upholstery linen to Scrim linen and everything in between, Ulster Linen’s product never ceases to surpass your expectation of quality and luxury.

The future of Ulster Linen

The family legacy continues.  Ulster Linen remains a family business to this day. With (father) Dever Larmor, (son) Joseph Larmor and (son’s wife) Trisha Larmor at the helm they continue to teach about the tradition and this incredible product. That incredible product is European linen and they pride themselves on providing a superior product to their clients in the United States.

When it pertains to Irish Linen, Belgian Linen and Western European Linen, you will find Ulster Linen at the forefront. Ulster Linen prides itself on having the largest selection of fine linen stocked in the United States. In stock means that your product can be rushed to you often next day shipping. No need to wait for items to arrive from Europe.

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