Linen, a natural product, results from the interaction of sun, rain, soil and the flax plant. Just as the growing flax plant requires nurturing, finished linen products respond to "tender loving care" to preserve their quality. A linen product bearing the MASTERS OF LINEN label guarantees that it is made of superior European Quality Linen, the finest in the world.

Not all linen is alike!
MASTERS OF LINEN: A new guarantee for the consumer. MASTERS OF LINEN is the collective trademark of the Western European linen industry, created to offer the consumer a guarantee concerning the origin, the composition and the quality of linen. Different labels specify pure linen, minimum 50% linen and a linen-cotton mixture (cotton warp/linen weft).

Maintaining the beauty of a pure linen damask tablecloth, a handsome summer dress, elegant draperies or a set of fresh sheets and pillowcases can be done either by laundering the linen item or by dry cleaning it. Most important in deciding which to choose is following the care instructions supplied by the manufacturer. These instructions, whether for laundering or dry cleaning, take into account many "unknowns," such as the degree the linen fabric was pre-shrunk, composition of thread and trimmings, dyes used, treatments for crease or stain resistance, tightness of weave and construction of the textile.

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